Need Financing for your dream home in Baja?


We assist in the acquisition of home loans with all the Banks in Mexico, this financing is in Pesos and it is an advantage for foreigners or businesses with an American income. The procedure is very easy, these are the steps:

-Filling our Easy Credit BBC application and signing of our services loaning contract which establishes our 1% fee of your credit value and a down payment of $1,000.00 Dls for us to initiate our services.

-Once the client’s income and profile is analyzed we fill the credit application formats.

-We initiate with the gathering of this documents:

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Proof of Income 

Credit Score

Proof of address

CURP (If applies)

RFC (If applies)

-Once we have an answer from the bank, we make an appointment in our executive offices with the client, where we provide them a credit certificate or letter from the bank establishing the authorized credit amount, credit conditions and monthly payments.

The full process can take up to 30 days, only if the clients have all the required documentation and if the established requirements applies.



We investigate the properties title background and the fulfilling of fiscal administration to provide truthfulness at the time of buying a lot, house or condominium. We offer the Due Diligence service analyzing the legal, fiscal and administrative issue related to the property which you intend to sell or buy, these are the steps to follow:


-Investigation of the properties title origins, studying the previous deeds and putting special attention in the land reforms related to public land or with titles derived from trials of prescription.

 -Inspection of the public property and commerce register for us to make sure of existing fiscal, legal or hypothecary gravamen.

-Inspection for the municipal registry for existing property taxes under the seller’s name and proper payment of bills.

 -In case of condominium regime we will make sure of existing deed authorization and the presentation of owner’s rules.

 Once these 2 weeks’ investigation process is finalized we issue an opinion letter in which we establish the investigation results, as well of adding observations and appropriate recommendations.


Important: This service is integrated in our coordination of closing public deeds services.


National Migration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion) consultation for the appropriate procedure of permits and VISAS for acquiring a residence in Mexico.


In this additional service we offer a guide for Mexicans and non-Mexicans to acquire their CURP (Unique Population Registry Code) or in this case, the Federal Taxpayers registry.

This advisory services are included in our Closing Coordinator contract for you to reach the public deed of your dream home.


  • Bank Trust process consultancy

    According to the 27th article, fraction 1 fo the United States of Mexico Political Constitution, foreigners are forbided from acquirir any direct land or water domain in the extention of 200 miles along the coast line fo the border and 50 beaches, it is only allowed the use of property located within this restricted area through a bank trust according to the second title of the foreign law.

    The permits issued by the Exterior Relations Secretary (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores)  for bank trusts have the porpuse of allowing the use of properties located within the restricted area to foreigners or mexican societies according to the foreign admision claus, as long as the property is destinated to residentail ends for a maximum period of 50 years.

    The Bank Trust contract shall state in a public deed that we guided you.

    Procedure to a public deed with a notary

    The process of buying ends when the public notary issues a document called “Public Deed” which will only be signed if it complies with the legitimacy requirements from the client and the property. The fulfillment of the prevention and identification of operations of resources of illicit origin it’s strictly overseen.

    We coordinate that all the involved parties in the buying-selling operation are present the day of the signing of the public deed, as well of the fulfillment of their responsibilities.



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